Spring 2017

Well, this was supposed to be my last semester of college.  I was going to take my three remaining classes and graduate in May.  However, a week before the semester started my husband and I sat down to discuss the logistics of me being gone 4 afternoons/evenings a week in order to achieve this goal.  We resolved that it was going to be impossible.  Going to classes alone would be stressful, but then on top of that I would have to find the time to do the work required for these classes during the busiest season for our family.  Our 15 year old plays baseball. This is an every day thing and our 13 year old plays Club Soccer and AAU Basketball.  Between the two of them in just this past week they’ve had 10 scheduled practices, games, and events Monday-Thursday & they have 8 events scheduled for the upcoming weekend (Friday-Sunday).  Add in our 2.5 year old and 15 month old to this equation and you get the picture. (We have an 18 year old too, but she is pretty self-sufficient.) The bottom line is – I don’t have time to be a student.

If the kids weren’t enough, on top of this busy schedule, I have been dealing with health issues for the past week and a half.  I discovered I was anemic on Thursday, March 23rd and when I say ANEMIC, I mean critically ANEMIC.  My hemoglobin was 5.  I had been feeling it and I even had bought iron and started taking it.  When I heard just how anemic I was though, it was concerning. I ended up in the ER on Sunday, March 26th and received an iron infusion. Then I had surgery on March 29th to hopefully fix the source of my anemia (a uterine ablation to eliminate or reduce my periods). Recovery from the surgery wasn’t too bad, I was just very, very tired from being put to sleep (It takes me forever to recover from that for some reason) and I am still anemic and symptomatic from that.

Because of all of this, I am very thankful that I dropped down to 1 class this semester.  Yes, I am disappointed because I just want to be finished taking classes. I want to be finished driving nearly an hour to school and an hour home from school two days a week.  I want to be finished walking a mile each day going to and from class, sometimes in not so kind weather elements.  I want to be finished wasting time.  I feel like all I do is waste time.  I try to see the positive in all things.  For example, it is nice driving to class in a completely silent car or with the windows down and with the music playing too loud. And it is also great to have a built in exercise program as I walk to and from class each day. But, even when I look at these positives, I am still wasting time. I think I would enjoy the time I waste more if my class was in the morning when it did not interfere with the most critical part of the day.  Everyone comes home and needs to get somewhere else while I am at school.  It takes 3+ people to be my when I am gone!  It’s ridiculous! Oh well,  this time will pass.  Five more weeks!


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