My research paper – the one my entire class is about – is just flat out doomed. I never have time to work on it!  Today, my wonderful husband offered to take our two little boys to our daughters 1, maybe 2 – depending on if they win the first one, basketball game(s) this morning so I could work on it.  When he got to the first game, our 15 month old threw up in the car.  He changed the little guy, but then he threw up again ALL over my husband.  So, he opted to bring the little puker home fearing the potential of additional episodes. Plus, he needed a change of clothes for himself.  Now I am sitting at my desk, trying to get focused to tackle my research paper, all the while listening for any sound erupting from the room of doom.  The stomach virus ruined our Christmas because ALL 7 of us had it.  THIS CANNOT HAPPEN NOW!  I have to get my paper written….but I guess if it does I’ll probably reach my weightloss goals once and for all. There’s always a bright side to everything, I suppose.


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