Fall 2016

I took the Spring semester off after giving birth to our 5th child on January 1st.  When registration for Fall 2016 opened up, I was thrilled to find 2 of the 5 remaining courses I needed were being offered at one of the regional branches.  As an added bonus, both of these classes only met one time a week. I registered for them and tried to prepare myself to head back.

As the start of the semester drew near, I dreaded the thought of returning to school.  I was so over “the first day of school”, the teeny boppers, & sitting in class “discovering who I am.”  One class fit this mold completely, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the other, although very challenging, was filled full of students who took college seriously.  I even met another mom who ended up being a GREAT friend.  I only wish I had met her when I first went back to school. 
I neglected to blog about my journey this past semester.  I thought I was busy before, but I really had no idea what that meant.  I spent these last 16 weeks in survival mode.  I considered changing my major to English studies so I could finish my degree at a regional campus, meaning it would not cost as much and I thought I could finish sooner (or so I thought).  I also wondered if, with the addition of 2 small children, I would actually want to be a teacher.  I knew I would not be able to complete my student teaching until both were in school and that is 5 years away.  I JUST WANT TO BE FINISHED.  To my surprise I found out that I can graduate without student teaching.  This means I only have to take 3 more classes and I can graduate.  I can petition to come back to do my student teaching when I am able and then I can get my teaching license.  Learning this was so encouraging. The end is in sight! And my choice was a no brainer.  Six years ago I decided to return to school to be a teacher.  I am stressed and overwhelmed now and this caused me to lose sight of my initial goal.  I will continue my journey to be a teacher because in 5 years from now I would have regretted taking the easy way out.
As an added bonus I also learned that I earned an Associates Degree.  I should receive it in the mail sometime in January.  

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