5 more weeks

I cannot wait for a day when I do not have to think about homework! Seriously! This is horrible. Kiley was supposed to have a soccer tournament in North Carolina this past weekend, but it was canceled before we left because of the expected weather.  All I can say is “THANK GOD.”  I wasn’t planning on going, only Brian and Kiley.  This meant I would have had another weekend without reinforcements to complete all of my homework & studying.  Since school started, Brian has not been home for a single weekend to help.  I mean, he has been home for a few hours here and there, but nothing that has been helpful to the cause whatsoever. It has been a nightmare!  With the tournament canceled, I sat in my office for 14 hours on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday.  I left Brian in charge.  He did a great job, but I still had way too many interruptions.  I am still the “go to” person for all inquiries, like, “Can you and dad give me the money to buy the new game?”,”Can I go my friends house and play?”, Where are Landen’s clean clothes?”, “What’s for lunch?” and so on.  Even when everyone is gone, they still text me and then the stupid dogs bark or need to be fed.  I cannot wait to be “mom” again.

Today, I still have to write 1 more paper I didn’t get to this weekend, do research for a presentation, and attempt to go over an entire module (there’s that stupid word again!) all before 1PM.  Plus, I have to put dinner in the crockpot, type up the weekly schedule, and take a shower.  Oh, and take care of Landen who is currently clinging to my legs with his cold hands. It is 9:50AM. Fun times ahead.

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