My board says I have 11 weeks left, but my planner says this:

Shakespeare class:  21 more sessions

Educational Leadership: 11 more sessions

Literature for Adolescents: 8 more sessions

Structure for Modern English: That’s everyday considering its online. ūüė¶ ¬†As a side-note, I thought I liked grammar. ¬†This is why I wanted to be an English teacher. ¬†Things have changed! My goodness! I had no idea all that it actually entailed. It makes my head spin! ¬†Give me Calculus any day of the week!


Note to self

Note to self:

Do not take classes on Monday’s, especially classes that extend into the evenings. What were you thinking? ¬†Your kids make your weekends impossible. You need a day to recover.

Do not take evening classes 2 days in a row.  Seriously, what were you thinking???

I think I can

This week I have had little moments as I am walking along campus and I think about how quickly this will all be over.  I picture myself in a classroom teaching. I have thought about my favorite mentor teacher and the field experience I was blessed to have with her two years ago.  They were only 2 short weeks, but they were 2 short weeks into the glimpse of what could be the rest of my life. If I can just focus on this I will be able to get through it all.

Here we go again: Week 4

Why did I think I could do this? ¬†Most days I don’t have 5 minutes to put together a coherent thought. Yesterday, I was so tired I could not even write properly taking notes or muster up an answer to a simple question. ¬†I keep saying I am going to have to let perfection go, but it is so much easier said than done. ¬†I just need to pass, right?