Here I Go Again: Week 1

After taking 1 year off to have my sweet little Landen I am back!  I have enjoyed my time off tremendously.  I cherished every moment I had when I didn’t have to think about deadlines and unnecessary collaborations.  Even so, at the end of July, I started to miss school.  Landen is getting older.  He sleeps through the night.  He has a pretty consistent schedule and he takes REALLY good naps.  I started to wonder what in the world I would do when he was napping and my other 3 kids were at school.  I didn’t want to have the cleanest house in the neighborhood, so I went back to school.  Of course, I had to find care for Landen and figuring out a good school schedule to match my mother-in-law’s availability seemed complicated at first, but it all worked out perfectly. Brian, my husband, has also had to step in A LOT to run Kiley around to her soccer practices, which are 4 times a week, but right now, she is the only one we have to run around.  My oldest can drive herself and my son no longer plays football in the fall.  I still have to make a detailed list each day explaining who has to be where, who is picking up, who is dropping off, what uniform is required, and where will Landen be in all of the above, but after the first few weeks I expect things to feel a little less complicated and become the new norm.

I should also mention that I am 20 weeks pregnant, which is why I call this the “year interrupted.” We are expecting our new bundle of joy on January 10th.  I will obviously sit spring semester out, but hopefully return the following fall to finish my classes.