Spring Semester 2014: Week 1

For the first time EVER I have started a new semester and I have not had a freak out moment. Monday evenings class was canceled because of the dangerously cold weather and I did not have to attend my first class on Tuesday because classes were canceled until 11:30AM due to the still dangerously cold weather.  Even though I missed two classes I still received the syllabus for each of them and I had assignments to complete, but even so both classes appeared manageable.

On Tuesday I had to attend my class that starts at 11:30AM.  I kept checking the school website in the hopes they would cancel classes for the day.  My kids were off school.  It was so cold.  When I got to school my car said it was -3 degrees and adding the windchill to that it was more like -15 to -20 degrees.  With each step I took on the way to my class I contemplated dropping the course.  It was utterly inhumane to have people walking outside at this temperature.  I kept walking though, even though my fingers felt like they were going to fall off through my multiple layers of gloves.  Once I made it to class and warmed up I began to think sensibly again.  I have to take this class.  It was hard to get in.  I need it for my minor.  It is only offered at the main campus and it makes sense I do it now, plus I liked the teacher, the syllabus, and the content.  Once this weather leaves us I will be fine.  My walk back to my car was absolutely insane.  My ears hurt so bad I nearly cried.  I have never experienced anything like this.  I decided when I got home I would curl up in bed and this is what I did.

On Wednesday my kids had a two-hour delay.  I drove Brenden to school at 9 and Aubrey got picked up at 9:45.  I had to do carpool at 11 for the Elementary school.  I decided to work on my online classes, but my day was less than productive because of the late start.  I vowed to finish up my online stuff on Friday.  I think after taking J-term, I am so confused by ALL this time I have to complete stuff. For now, everything seems so manageable.  I hope it doesn’t change.  The fact I am not stressed out scares me a bit.  I don’t know what to do with it – you know?

On Thursday, I attended both of my classes at the main campus.  I enjoyed them both and I am back in teacher mode.  I did find out we are required to attend several seminars at 8:30AM.  I chose not to freak out about this and try to work it out.  After I talked to Brian, it was clear I could not work it out so I emailed my professor and told him I can’t attend.  I can’t be at the main campus until 10AM; that’s the reality of my situation.  I was not aware of this requirement when I registered for the class and it is unreasonable to spring it upon us the first day of class.  What if people have another class at that time? If I had to meet this obligation for a job, that would be a different scenario.  Jobs pay, school takes your money.  This is the difference.

Today is Friday and I am going to be productive.  I have to finish up my work for my online classes and then do a bunch of reading.  None of it is stressful and I certainly hope it stays that way!


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