For once in my life I would really like to know what it feels like to be underwhelmed.  I am going to take my history final today.  I have until Sunday, but I want to get it over with today.  We have to write an essay.  He gave us three prompts and one will be randomly selected for us.  The prompts are so broad and each could really require a textbook length response.  I emailed and asked him what he would like us to focus on for each question and explained his prompts were too broad.  His response was he made them broad so we could choose.  Well…I don’t like that answer because what if I choose wrong or leave something out or I don’t say enough. We are supposed to write only 600-1000 words. I could seriously write a book and this is really stressing me out.

I have to do this today.  Kiley has 3 games tomorrow and 1 on Sunday.  I would really like to go to her games without this hanging over my head.  I hope I can pull this off.  I will be very sad if my GPA suffers because I decided to take a 24 day 100 level history class with a crazy professor who shatters hopes and dreams. Seriously, the more teacher education programs I go through, the more I realize how some people should not be professors.


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