The Home Stretch

I have 6 days left of J-term.  Looking in the long-term, I know I will be happy I took these classes, but right now life is just a tad bit too intense.  To explain, let me tell you about my history class.  Now remember J-term is 24 days long.  In this 24 days we are reading an ENTIRE history textbook which covers the years 1500-present.  It has 1,187 pages, plus a prolouge and some Roman Numeral pages we had to read.  In addition to this, we have 6 forum posts plus replies (I have to read 70-90 blurbs from my classmates in each forum), 2-3 short writings, which are really full blown know your stuff essays, A RESEARCH PAPER!, a mid-term, and a final exam.  Anyone out there think that might be a bit much for a 24 day class.  On top of the History class I am also taking a Journalism class. Journalism has been a lot of work too, but it is the amount of work I would deem appropriate for a 24 day class.  I am also partial to Journalism, but evenso, I know I am not being bias when I say my history teacher is insane.

Well…time to get back to work.  I. CANNOT. WAIT. UNTIL. SATURDAY!!!!!!


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