J term: Day 6

J term is 24 days long.  As of today, I have calculated my children will be home for 13 of those 24 days.  Now, 7 of those days are weekend days, and 2 of them were already scheduled days off on the 17th and 20th, so knowing the full context it seems I may be creating a bit more drama than necessary. In reality only 4 days have been added to this number, but evenso this takes the percentage of known time to actual time from 37.5% to 54%.  Meaning, had I known my children were going to be home more than half the time I would be taking classes that I ONLY took because they were going to be in school, I might not have taken them.  Plus, this is January.  Who knows how much more it will snow or how many more days we could be hit with Arctic blasts from Canada?

Oh well, I am still able to get my work completed so the only thing of consequence is the guilt I feel for spending 10-12 hours of the day glued to my office chair.  I mean I have given pause for the occasional distraction of putting out a fight or to view the new fort that has taken over our great room.  
I just wish I could be more present when they are home, that is all. SIGH….

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