J-term: Day 5

Day 5, yes I am counting the days on the weekends because I have been working like a crazy person day and night. I have so much work to do.  I am only surviving because I actually enjoy the material I am learning at this point.  My children had snow days on Thursday and Friday and today they are off because the high temperature for today is -3 degrees and the low is -7 degrees.  After adding in the wind chill factor it’s like -40 degrees outside.  Needless to say, no one had school, even the colleges, including the one I attend canceled classes.  Of course because both of my classes are online I still have work to do.  I project they will not have school again tomorrow as the temperature will not be above freezing until Wednesday.  I would typically rejoice having a snow-day, but I have so much stinkin’ work to do I cannot enjoy my kids.  It is frustrating, but I will be thankful on January 25th when I have completed 6 more credit hours.  I have also been unable to fulfill my field experience hours because we haven’t had school.  Whenever my kids do go back to school it will be at least a week before I can work in the field because the teacher I am assigned to work with is showing a movie for 3 days and then she will be doing MAP testing.  I am actually kind of relieved because it gives me a chance to do my schoolwork…and maybe get ahead.  We will see.

I dream of the day when a snow day means a snow-day.  Where I can drink coffee and relax with a book I selected to read for my own personal enjoyment.  Someday….


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