J Term Day 1

Today is the first day of J Term.  During the next 3 weeks I am taking two-3 credit hour online courses along with volunteering 30 hours at a local Junior High. I may be certifiably insane.  Of course today it snowed and my children did not have school.  As happy as this snow day made me it has done little to ensure my confidence that I am going to be able to complete all this required work.  In fact, I have already contemplated dropping one of the classes.  I won’t though.  I keep telling myself I can’t.  I will be so happy on January 25th when I have seen this difficulty through…although two days later I will for the first time in my college career take on 15 credit hours in a single semester.  Again, I know I am insane or at least I will be by May.  Spring is the busiest time of year for my kids and their sports. We travel almost every weekend and I am gone every afternoon and evening driving to practice or watching track meets, soccer games, and baseball games.  It cracks me up when people say they are busy and their calendars are full of social events they have opted to attend, socially (yea, I am really making a point here – social events that you opt to attend do not give you the right to say you are busy.) I only wish I might be able to attend a single social event.  Maybe in the year 2017.


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