Snow Day

The forecast called for freezing rain and sleet in the morning, changing into snow around 12PM and then leaving 4-6 inches when it is all said and done by late tonight.  I woke up around 2 AM to the sound of sleet and/or freezing rain hitting our bedroom window. This is legit, I thought as I rolled over and set a mental alarm clock for 5 AM when I expected to receive a phone call from my children’s school, canceling for the day.  This is precisely what happened, except what followed surprised me.  I could not fall back asleep.  I became consumed with thoughts about whether or not I should still go to class.  I played out all the different scenerios in my head.  Like, if it is icy, I won’t go or if I see the  roads are treated and the weather man doesn’t forecast the bulk of the snow until later, I will go.  See, today is the last real time I meet with my dreaded class (not dreaded because of my classmates, but dreaded because of my professor).  My professor is going to go over the exam and he gives us  hints and tells us which parts of the questions to pay attention to.  I want an “A” in the class and the thought of missing this information freaks me out.

I woke up at 8 AM and immediately looked out the window.  It hadn’t snowed yet.  Everything just looked icy, except the road.  The road looked treated.  I turned on the news.  The forecast called for the freezing rain/sleet to turn over to snow around 11AM.  My class is 11:30 – 12:25.  I would need to leave the house around 10 AM and I should be home around 1:30.  The roads are rural, windy, and hilly.  I am just not sure it is the best idea for me to go.  In fact, I know I shouldn’t go, but I WANT TO GO.  I have not missed a single scheduled class this entire semester.  I drove to school 50+ minutes away 5 days a week for a total of 11 weeks.  I drove to 2 different high schools for field experience for a total of 4 weeks arriving at 7AM. I never missed a day or arrived late.  In fact during my first field of 2 weeks I stayed an additional 3 hours each day for a total of 30 extra hours of field experience.  Yes, I am tooting my own horn.  For some reason I feel it is necessary to justify missing the very last day of class when clearly the weather outside is treacherous.  Even my dreaded professor encouraged me to stay safe and he understood if I didn’t make it to class.  
I hope staying home and being smart does not affect my GPA.  Perspective.  This is what I need.  I hear the freezing rain hitting my office window.  It is decided.  I am home for the day.

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