Epic Tale of My Cohort Experience: Week 14

Monday:  11/25/13
I only have 2 days of classes this week. It seems rather pointless, except I have an essay due tomorrow. The professor for my first class had promised to have our take home final ready before Thanksgiving. He does not even mention it in class today.  In fact, we really do nothing in this class.  I have a feeling the final is going to be intense, which frustrates me because we haven’t done a single thing worthwhile in this class all year.  We could have been working on the final all semester instead of just showing up and listening to stories – stories that are very narcissistic and only remind me of how vain this professor really is.

The dreaded class is really uneventful.  We talk about inferences and he was in a non-hostile mood today.

Tuesday:  11/26/13
I hand in my essay in the first class and begin freaking out about the next major project I have due next Tuesday.  I realize I am really not going to enjoy my Thanksgiving break with all this work hanging over my head.

My next class is annoying.  The final has like 18 parts to it and it is all so frustrating.

I receive an email from one of my Monday professors, who’s class should be a seminar, about our take-home final.  Here is a portion:
Attached is your Take Home Final Exam.   Try not to pay any attention to it while you are with your families and friends.   We will review the questions during one class period to make sure that you understand them. 

Yep, this confirms what I knew all along.  My Thanksgiving is ruined this year.


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