Epic Tale of Cohort Experience: Week 13

Monday: 11/18/13
Back to the grind.  My field experience was blah so heading back to class this time isn’t so bad.  Plus my mind is consumed with thoughts that after I live through this week I will only have 2 more weeks of regular classes – one of which is Thanksgiving – so I only have 2 days of classes that week.  I can manage this.

Waking up today at 7:20 was nothing compared to waking up at 5:30 like I did for the last two weeks. At 7:30 AM registration opens up again and I am anxious to sign in and try to get the one open spot in an online English class that I have been watching.  The spot has been open for about a week.  I log in and attempt to add it.  I am denied.  A campus restriction pops up.  I try to register for another class at a regional campus and I am able to do so.  I am not sure why I could register for one and not the other.  I email my advisor and ask what to do, knowing that every second I waste the spot may not exist.  Oh -well.  It will work out.  It always does.  I am just thankful to be sitting at my desk on Monday morning drinking my large cup of coffee and eating breakfast – sure beats eating and drinking on the way to my field experience like I have done for the last two weeks.

I receive some good and bad news in my first class.  The good news is our professor is canceling our project.  The bad news is one of the students in my cohort left to go home for a medical reason.  Our professor was pretty broken up about it.  Apparently he had something to do with making this happen. I will leave my speculation to myself, but I will say I am disappointed with myself for not acting upon or at least investigating some of the things I saw.  Shame on me.

After class I check my email and my advisor responded.  I was told to go to a certain building and they could basically “flip a switch” allowing me to register for the class.  While in line, I pull up the class and of course there is no longer an available spot.  The lady is nice and helpful and they have no idea why I was unable to register for this class.  They suggest I email the professor and ask to be added before going through the formal process.  I think this is a great idea except the professor is the same professor who I dropped a course from during the second week of this semester.  She was very nice about it and had told me she hoped to see me again. Hopefully she meant that.  I will email her later.

Next, I go to the dreaded class.  I turn in my much anguished upon essay.  After we hand them in, the professor goes over what should have been in them.  I feel slightly dizzy and realize at this point I did the best with what I had.  I didn’t observe much student learning so it was difficult to write a paper about it.  It is what it is.  Only 7 more times to see this man in my life.

Tuesday: 11/19/13
I can’t stop freaking out about my schedule for next semester.  It is so frustrating to not be able to take the classes I want to take.

My first class today did not have an assignment due.  I get one more week to write a paper and another week to complete a project.  I am thankful.  This class is pretty uneventful.  I did find out from another student that the dreaded professor is retiring at the end of this semester.  I am in disbelief.  I jumped so many hurdles to get into my cohort this semester.  At times it seemed I was going to have to wait until next fall.  I pushed and I pushed and I pushed.  Maybe God was trying to spare me.  Either way, I will be glad when I can put all of this behind me.  I have never in my life met someone I did not like or could not find a way to like, so this is something I needed to learn to overcome…I guess.

My second class I receive my grade for my midterm exam. Before class my professor comes to my table and asks me to follow him to the front of the room.  He says softly, “I was going to email you, but I didn’t.  I wanted to let you know you did a great job on the midterm.  I could tell you studied and it is a delight to have you in class.”  On my midterm he wrote, “Becky it was a pleasure to grade your test.” What a relief!  I thought I knew all the answers, but you never know how a teacher will grade.

Wednesday: 11/20/13
After driving to class today I only have 11 more days to drive to class!
First class is uneventful.
Second class is the dreaded class.  After today 6 more times to see this man.
We have a moment of agreement today over symbolism.  It is odd that we agree.  I am not sure how I feel about this.

Thursday: 11/21/13
I arrive early to class today so I can hand in my Student Teaching Application.  I emailed the teacher from my first field experience and asked her to email the student teaching office if she was able to mentor me during this time.  She was happy to do this.  The thought of this keeps me going.  I can’t wait to student teach with her.

Friday: 11/22/13
Only 2 more weeks this semester – plus two days of exams & only 5 more dreaded classes.

We got our field essays back today.  I only missed one point.  To me this is as good as saying I got a 100%.  I worked so hard on this essay.  I am glad he recognized this.  What if I end up liking him? This would be quite the plot twist.


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