Epic Tale of my Cohort Experience: Week 12

Monday: 11/11/13

Veteran’s day.  The school where I am doing field has class today.  My kids have school too, but Brian is off, go figure.  We plan to have lunch.  I am feeling Blah

Tuesday:  11/12/13

Blah.  It is cold and it snowed.  Do I need to say anything more?  You know how you study literature and instructors have you try to interpret the piece based upon the author’s personal life? I don’t mean to be vague right now to be annoying, but one day the blahness of last Friday and this week will make sense. Blah.

Wednesday: 11/13/13

We are going to teach today.

It goes well. Teaching is very natural.  I know I have chosen the right profession.

Thursday:  11/14/13

I only have one more day to wake up at 5:30AM.  I am glad.

Friday:  11/15/13

Last day of field, next week I return to class.  I need to finish up some of my work and begin other projects.

THREE MORE WEEKS LEFT – I am so ready for this semester to be over!


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