Epic Tale of My Cohort Experience: Week 9

Monday: 10/21/13
My kids don’t have school today.  It is their fall break.  Unfortunately, I still have class, but I will be finished at noon. My first class is fine.  We do our group presentations over our textbook.  It’s not a big deal.  I am more worried about getting my midterm back in the dreaded class.  The dreaded professor passes them back.  I am not thrilled with my grade, but I accept it and move on.  I have already determined I may still be able to pull off an “A” even with this score, but if I don’t well…I don’t. The fact that my GPA is perfect aside from might happen in this course speaks volumes about a professor and not about me and my capabilities.

I’m not going to lie…I am writing this late so I do not recall anything about these days 🙂

Friday: 10/25/13

Blah, just blah.  I am counting down.  This is all I have to keep me going.  I hate my dreaded class. Today I walked out 10 minutes before class was over because my professor just flat out made me mad. I cannot learn in this type of environment.  He is combative and aggressive and I will never ever be okay with this EVER.  I am so irritated.  Why is he the only one that teaches this class?  I am angry because I have to pay for this.  This class holds the key to my future, yet nothing about it has really helped to learn how to be a better teacher.  NOTHING.  I do the readings and what I want to discuss is the content of those readings and how to apply this information in a classroom.  Instead, he tries to have us make a personal application based on what we “read in High School” or in another class this semester.  I am 34 years old. High School was a long time ago. I spend 3 hours of my life driving to and from school each day.  After that, I spend the remainder of my day transporting my three children to their various activities.  THE ONLY THING I HAVE TIME TO READ IS THE READING I HAVE FOR CLASSES – HOW DARE YOU CALL ON ME AND MAKE ME FEEL INCOMPETENT BECAUSE I AM NOT CURRENTLY READING A NOVEL?  YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY LIFE IS LIKE.  YOU WOULD NOT LAST A DAY IN MY SHOES!   SHAME ON YOU.  YOU FAIL.  SOMEONE GAVE YOU POWER AND AUTHORITY BY GIVING YOU YOUR JOB, BUT I AM DONE.  YOU KNOW LONGER HAVE POWER OVER ME.


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