The Epic Tale of My Cohort Experience: Week 7

Monday: 10/7/13

My alarm goes off and I have no idea what day it is or why I have to wake up.  I am tired.  I have been battling a headache.  I am not sure if it is induced by stress or my allergies. I get ready quickly, deciding if I can leave early enough I will drive thru Starbucks instead of trying to make coffee at home. This is the only redeeming factor in my day – this and well, the fact that I told Brian, as I walked out the door, this is the 7th week, only 8 more to go!

Later Brian emails me pictures of Cancun.  To which I replied BOOK IT. He asked me if I wanted to go on our yearly trip last night and I told him the thought of even planning it stressed me out – that’s crazy, right? His email was timely. It was right before my dreaded class and all I could think about was escape.  If need be I will hire a nanny for a week so we can go away.  I need to go away. I need to relax.

Tuesday: 10/8/13

Today I have to give a lesson to my class and record it.  Everyone else got to work with a partner.  I volunteered to work by myself – someone had to and I am thrilled it got to be me.  Surprisingly I am not nervous. This is the first day of our group lessons so I figure it is less pressure.  My lesson goes well.  It actually could not have gone any better.  I receive comments like:  very nurturing and motherly, and I felt like I was in my high school English class!

I have to give a group presentation in my next class.  It goes okay. It served its purpose, I suppose.  I head home a little anxious about how I am going to get all my work done this evening.

At 10:00 Kiley comes out of her room in tears, full of anxiety about her homework.  I spend 30 minutes trying to console her and explain to her that her homework really means nothing to me.   The problem is, the homework means a lot to her.  She claims she is afraid she is always forgetting something – not something I want my 9 year old to already start worrying about!  Ugh!  She said, “It is too hard to get everything done with this life we live!”  I concur.

Wednesday: 10/9/13

I nearly have a nervous breakdown in my first class.  My professor tells WAAAAAY too many stories when I really just wish he would get to the point.  I don’t need illustrations about how to run the first day of school – just give me a list of what you think works best.  In fact, my time would be better spent reading about your idea online from the comfort of my own home.  This class takes up too much of my time for the content it holds.  AHHHH!

Next class is the dreaded class.  The professor who made me cry decides to plop down right next to me today.  Aren’t I lucky?  He does most of the talking today, which makes me happy because really he has a lot to offer and this is what I pay for – USABLE INFORMATION from the man with a doctorate.  During class I notice the smallest of spiders suspended from the ceiling and making its way to the shoulder of my professor.  I wonder for a brief moment if I should swat it away.  I decide not to. It does however distract me and hold my attention for a long time.  It never lands on him, which fills my head with all kinds of ideas and wonder.

Today after school I have a hair appointment.  I am planning to use this time to finish reading an assignment I have been reading intermittently since Saturday.  I have plans to write my response in the 30 minutes I will have when I get home just before Kiley comes home.  This does not occur.  I spend my time talking to Aubrey.  We have a great discussion about her English class.  I love catching up with her so I do not mind I didn’t get my work finished.

Kiley is about to come home and I have a brilliant idea to clear off a portion of my desk for her to complete her homework. I have an extra Ikea chair in the dining room that I never put together.  I quickly decide to construct it so she will have a seat.  This does not go so well.  Something is not right. I find a folding chair instead.  Kiley comes home and does her homework at my desk.  I complete nothing because she needs my undivided attention.  Ugh!  If she needs this much help I may as well quit school and homeschool her.

It is time for soccer.  I leave Brian a note asking him to make the Ikea chair in my office.  I come home to find it in pieces. Apparently the chair from Ikea cannot be made!

Thursday: 10/10/13

I only have one class today!!!!  I am thrilled.  I start my morning with a trip to Fitworks.  Oh how I miss the days when I could go workout every morning.  I head to my one class.  It is uneventful and aside from getting bonus points for attending I feel my 2.5 hours commuting today has been wasted – although the drive was pleasant. The countryside is beautiful and it is nice taking in the landscape listening to Mumford and Sons. It is the perfect soundtrack for this drive.

Tonight we are headed to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  Kiley’s school is having a fundraiser.  I am very relieved I do not have to worry about completing an assignment for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is fall break. I feel so free.  Sadly I will probably study and prepare for midterms.  I have been looking forward to a quiet house. Although I may surprise myself completely and spend the day cleaning the house.  Who knows?! The possibilities seem endless, but in reality the day will fly by with not much actually being accomplished. At least I own the day and this is all I could possibly ask for.

Friday: 10/11/13

Fall Break – The day is mine 🙂


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