Mother of the Year

Yes, it is a title I often give myself – spend a day in my life and you would realize it is the furthest thing from the truth.  I do my best, what can I say?

This week, I rejoiced in the fact that my son stood up for himself when he was being bullied by an adult.  In fact, I happily gave him a few comebacks.  Who does this?  I am all about my children respecting adults and BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY HAD THIS OCCURRED WITH ANY OTHER ADULT IN THE WORLD HE WOULD HAVE BEEN PUNISHED.

Tonight, Aubrey asked me what was for dinner and I hoped she would forget what I said as I typed away madly in my office.  She didn’t. She asked when I was going to make it.  I told her I was hoping she would.  I really wanted to get some work finished before I had to jet off to soccer practice! She said, “I was going to, but then I thought, ‘hey you’re the mom'”.  She wasn’t being mouthy.  It was actually very funny. So I put my work aside and Aubrey and I danced around in the kitchen to Miley Cyrus as I prepared dinner.  Miley Cyrus you ask? Yes, she has lost it for sure, but she still has some good songs and the Hoedown Throwdown is something you don’t really every forget, right? Likewise, this is a moment I won’t soon forget either. It makes me realize I did not miss out on the college life by becoming a mother at the age of 19.  I can still act like a college student with my 15 year old daughter – and really it is more fun 🙂
Here she is:  uncut and I am not a videographer. The videos of me shall never be posted 🙂


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