The Epic Tales of My Cohort Experience:Week 6

Monday: 09/30/2013

I am in class for all but 2 seconds when my high from field experience wears off. I hate my classes. I used to like school. What is wrong? These should be my favorite classes. Why do I feel like they’re a giant waste of time? I could take them online & be just fine. Perhaps I don’t like wasting 3 hours of my day commuting. I lose so much time ūüė¶

Plus I will sound like a broken record, but enough theory. I’m done with theory. It’s pointless in most environments. Just let me work.

Tuesday: 10/01/13

My day starts with the only class I can tolerate, but at this point I have no memory of my field experience. It has been wiped clean by the torment of yesterday. I try to recall it, but I am numb.

Wednesday: 10/02/13

Misery. Pure misery. I have reached the end of my tolerance. I have realized I am too old to laugh at the humor this professor displays. I don’t drink beer nor do I understand what he means about “getting tired of getting sick from bad beer.” I wouldn’t have gotten it when I was younger either. I have never drunk beer. I’m beginning to wonder if a 65+ year old man should try to identify with college students by discussing the act of drinking? Whatever.

I go to my second class. The professor wants a student to tell him when 5 minutes are left so he can pass back our papers we turned in on Monday. I hear nothing else but this and the heightened speed through which my blood now pulsates through my veins. I get a headache. A headache that I have early into the next morning Рuntil I finally succumb to the pain & take Advil. I try not to. This semester has made me an addict. 

My paper BTW, in case you were wondering. ¬†I didn’t get a perfect score (I know right!) but I got the highest score I could hope for and guess what…that’s enough for me! ¬†(insert another )

Thursday: 10/3/2013

My day starts out with a classic lesson as to why parents don’t attend college. ¬†Brenden’s Dr. calls. ¬†After releasing him to play football on Monday, an¬†over-read¬†of his MRI shows he actually has a fracture on his knee at the growth plate. ¬†He is to get back on his crutches immediately and be fitted for another brace that does not allow his knee to move. ¬†Great! He has been running and walking for 2 weeks now, plus, when will I have time to take him to yet another appointment? ¬†I should have been in the shower 10 minutes before I took this call in order to make it to class on time!

I worry about this all day long. ¬†If I am taking Brenden to the Dr. I have to make arrangements for someone to be home to get Kiley and for someone to pick Aubrey up from her nail appointment (because fitting in a nail appointment was excruciatingly hard and I can’t cancel. ¬†She is on homecoming court. ¬†Her nails need to be done!) My mom can’t help because she has a Dr.’s appointment of her own to learn the results of a test she had, which is also of concern to me. ¬†

I go to class, but I am not there.  I am trying to figure out how I am going to manage my day without my head spiraling off of my body. It is of no use.  However there was one bright spot in my day. A fellow student, (the girl who witnessed me crying!) walked into class and told me education must be the most emotional field because she saw a girl crying in the bathroom.  I told her I had just been thinking on the way to class how I have never cried so much in my life as I have this semester.  She followed by saying that she had a great field experience.  It made her confident and the first day back to class she felt belittled and insignificant.  At least I know I am not alone in how I feel!

After class I spend my commute home calling people, trying to make arrangements for the evening. Brian kept emailing me. I can’t email while I am driving. ¬†I wish he could call me.

I end up not taking Brenden back to the Dr. The brace we already bought for WAY TOO MUCH money is fine.  He wants to go to football practice and this is where I take him.  

Brian comes home and I finally vent all of my looming frustrations to him. ¬†I feel better. ¬†He knows he wouldn’t last a day in my shoes – but then again, I could not walk in his either.

Friday: 10/4/2013

I head to class for a seminar. ¬†I feel lighter, either because it is Friday or I vented to Brian last night. ¬†I am, however, dreading the the dreaded class. ¬†I wish I didn’t let this one professor get me so worked up. ¬†I just flat out don’t like the way he teaches. ¬†I would never ever run my classroom the way he does nor would I converse with students in the same way. ¬†Except today something happened in class that made me turn a little soft toward him. ¬†He actually made me laugh. ¬†This may only have happened because it is Friday, and I feel lighter, and I am flat out excited for tonights football game. Aubrey was elected to Homecoming Court, four girls and four boys are elected from each grade. I am so proud of her. Seriously! In a school her size, What an honor?! So, no matter how bad my week has been or how many stress induced migraines I have to endure when I receive news like this I can smile ūüôā


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