The Epic Tale of my Cohort Experiences: Week 3

Instead of a recount of my week, which still continues to be tiring, I have decided to show my odometer reading from each day.

School is about 25 miles away – so I drive 50 miles each day going to class.  So what is the surplus of the other miles you ask?!?!  My kids!!!!  This is why I never get anything done :/
Monday: 09/09/13
50 for school, 89.4 elsewhere
Tuesday: 09/10/13
50 for school & only 33.8 elsewhere
Wednesday: 09/11/13
317.8-223.2= 94.6
50 for school & 44.6 elsewhere – not bad, right?

Thursday: 09/12/13
Is it possible this is accurate?!  Why do I still feel like I got nothing done today?

50 for school and only 31.4 elsewhere 🙂

Friday: 09/13/13
No picture today.  It wouldn’t be fair because I went to school and we drove to Columbus for a soccer tournament which begins early tomorrow morning. I am excited to get away for the weekend and the best part is, I don’t have any homework or studying because field experience starts Monday!


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