The Epic Tale of My Cohort Experience: Week 2

This will not be an exhaustive every day account for week 2 – just a major epiphanic moment

Thursday: September 5, 2013

The most meaningful voice I hear these days is my husband.  He pushes me.  He makes me follow through with my dreams.  Without him constantly nudging me along I would not continue down the path when it is hard. Often it is not the words I hear from him that inspire me. Instead he motivates me by action. After a long hard day at work he comes home and goes down to the basement and he works. He builds shelves, he lays flooring, he trims the baseboards, and all the while he dreams. He dreams of making a space for our children to relax, to entertain, to dwell. He dreams of making a space for our family to gather, to engage, to bond. When he finishes the basement he moves on to the outdoors and when he is finished with the outdoors he moves on to the next big thing. And all the while he works, he dreams and while he dreams he unknowingly pushes me to fulfill my dream. A dream I would otherwise give up on unless he showed me how to endure, how to be strong, and how to keep going no matter what obstacles may arise.

Interestingly enough today I hit a literal road block on the way to class. An oversize load was going through the last major intersection on my route.  I left home early, with plenty of time.  Oddly, had I left late, I would have still hit the same roadblock and arrived to class at the exact same time. Likewise, I may have not gone the traditional route to my career, but today I learned that leaving early, leaving late it makes no difference so long as eventually I arrive.

Thank you Brian ❤ for pushing me to be who you know I can be.


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