Group Projects…Woe is me

This is my second year of college.  I decided this year instead of taking control of every group project I would sit back and wait to see who would step up to the plate.  I made this decision, of course, to preserve my sanity, but I also thought that by giving others an opportunity to interject their ideas and perspectives it would diversify and expand my own realm of thinking.  I could not have been more wrong!  Wow!!!!!

For starters, I have come to the realization that my idea of minimum effort for myself is 1,000 times more than others maximum effort.  I have also realized that other’s say they will do “this, this, and this,” but what really occurs is, “I didn’t have time for this or this or this”….to which I would reply….”YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!”  Do these kids even have a clue of what MY life is like?!?!?!  They would not last a minute or even a second in a day from MY life. Holy Cow!!!!

Climbing down from my horse positioned highly I smile and nod trying to maintain my composure while my group mates give me ideas as I speedily prepare our presentation due within the next hour because, of course, I am also the only one with a computer as well as skills in powerpoint.  It sounds as if I am being harsh, but this is the reality of community college as an adult.  I wrongly assumed my classes would be filled with other adults who were passionate about the education they were receiving. Sadly, most just hope to “get by”.