Physics 101 – COMPLETED

I got a 97% on my Physics final exam, giving me an A+ in the class.  I do not divulge this earth shattering news to brag. Instead, I share this information so that I may explain that achieving an A+ in Physics reveals many things, none of which have anything to do with my intellect.  Rather, all this grade exposes is that anything can be memorized for a test. It also affirms that Google is indeed amazing.  Seriously, I couldn’t tell you a thing in the world about Physics, except that Isaac Newton has 3 laws.  I could not recite them; I may be able to explain them or apply them if I heard them, but that is the extent of my knowledge.  I learned/memorized chapters upon chapters of information.  I successfully composed papers on how hockey, hair dryers, bridge design, and eye tricks all apply to physics.  I answered questions weekly posted by other students.  I aced quizzes every stinking week. The only thing I am left with is a name: Isaac Newton.

Was it worth it?

For my GPA: YES
For my life: NO


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