A few things I now know about college….

Well, I have just completed 1 full year of college.  This last semester just about killed me.  Mostly, because if I look at my life realistically, I don’t have time to go to college.  Nevertheless, I did it & I did it well. That said, I have decided to resign from teaching preschool next fall.  I will be a full-time student and mother.  My hope is to complete all of my “college” stuff while my children are at school, because once my children get home, my life spins out of control and my weekends are far from restful.  A few weekends ago I stood outside in the freezing cold for 4 baseball games IN A ROW. The next day I was rewarded with a soccer game and a visit to another baseball game under the same weather conditions.  The following weekend we had a soccer tournament, a baseball game, 3 birthday parties and the weekend after that an away baseball & soccer tournament.  Did I mention that Aubrey had 2-3 track meets a week M-F and GMC’s 2 days in a row during finals week, one of which I was supposed to be taking an exam, but my teacher graciously is allowed me to take at another time, which I had to take off work, but at least I got to go to the GMC’s?  Ayiyi!  So, that said,  Here are a few things I learned about college this year:

1.  In the grand scheme of things, college is not hard – it just requires time.

2. Wait, did I just say it’s not hard?  Generally it’s not….EXCEPTION Physics   Although, by achieving a 100% in Physics, I realize that this speaks nothing of my intellect and only reveals that everything can be memorized for a moment and that google is AWESOME!

3. I can still blend in with teenagers, but I can just as easily pull out my mom card if they are acting too juvenile.

4. It is sad that I have to pay for 4 years of this to get the same piece of paper other’s receive while giving minimal effort, learning nothing, and leaving with no real world experience.  Can mine have a special stamp, please?

5. I now understand why it is easier to go to college while you’re young, unmarried, & childless, but at the same time I’m not sure this is the best route for everyone.  If I did not have the life experiences I have had I would not know how to adequately digest the information I am receiving.  Also, had I finished college when I was younger, I would have a degree in accounting when everything fulfilling in my life points to education.

6. 1 year down, 3 more to go…if I am lucky 🙂


Physics 101 – COMPLETED

I got a 97% on my Physics final exam, giving me an A+ in the class.  I do not divulge this earth shattering news to brag. Instead, I share this information so that I may explain that achieving an A+ in Physics reveals many things, none of which have anything to do with my intellect.  Rather, all this grade exposes is that anything can be memorized for a test. It also affirms that Google is indeed amazing.  Seriously, I couldn’t tell you a thing in the world about Physics, except that Isaac Newton has 3 laws.  I could not recite them; I may be able to explain them or apply them if I heard them, but that is the extent of my knowledge.  I learned/memorized chapters upon chapters of information.  I successfully composed papers on how hockey, hair dryers, bridge design, and eye tricks all apply to physics.  I answered questions weekly posted by other students.  I aced quizzes every stinking week. The only thing I am left with is a name: Isaac Newton.

Was it worth it?

For my GPA: YES
For my life: NO