Weekend Woes

Ideally, I need my weekends for homework & studying, but with 3 kids, a husband, a job, and a huge extended family….well I really never seem to get anything accomplished. No one would believe the weekend I have had, so I’ll just tell you about Sunday.

You know the kind of shoes that you put on in the morning and silently commit to yourself the number of steps you will take in those shoes?  Then, you spend every moment of the day determining if each step you are taking is worth the dwindling count?  Well, I had one of those days and it is safe to say that I went well over my quota.  Here we go, it went like this: I woke up with no voice. Horrible for me, but wonderful for everyone else, I suppose. We went to church. I used the exact amount of steps I had committed to my shoes.

After church drove through Wendy’s EXCEPT, before we pulled up to the speaker, a truck pulling a huge flatbed decided to cut the corner too close and rammed into our car.  We had to get out of the car to investigate and as a result, I had to deduct extra steps.  Upon a survey of the damage, we observed a small dent and a red streak of paint extending upon 2 panels.  We realized this would be costly to fix and were quietly deciding if repair would be worth it. Fortunately, the man who hit us was nice and he was more than willing to pay for his crime, but sadly we were more concerned that we had to put off lunch in an already over-scheduled day. Not to mention the extra steps I had to take.

After we got all of the man’s information, we went back to the drive thru and finally got our food. We went home and ate quickly.  Then we left for a birthday party for 2 of my nieces.  I had to stop at Walgreen’s to get birthday cards.  Yes, I am very on top of things, I know.  This resulted in a loss of many uncalculated steps.

We left the celebration to go to Brenden’s basketball game, which was scheduled for 4.  I kept the book during the game, meaning, I was unable to check-out and I had to pay attention. After the game, Brian and Brenden had to go directly to baseball practice and I decided to go to Kroger.  My girls had stayed at the birthday party and my mom took them home for me while I was at the grocery. At this point my steps had gone a little over my estimation, but because of my choice to go to Kroger I realized I was going to hit dangerous overage levels.

While at the grocery, I was careful to not miss anything because I did not want to have to go back or use any unnecessary steps.  I actually did quite well, that is until the texts and list additions started blasting in from my children.  This is when I began to recall a different period of my life when I couldn’t wait for a childless Sunday trip to Kroger.  I needed the time away.  I would walk slowly through the store, look at everything, and analyze every purchase. Now, I just wanted to run through the store and knock everyone down who happened to cruise into my path – especially if they had coupons….don’t get me started with the coupon thing.  I had so much to do and my feet were becoming desperate. I finally completed my trip and I checked out. I got home at 6:30 PM.

By this time, I still had to put the groceries away, start dinner, and sort a 4 ft by 8 ft pile of laundry.  I also had to complete a Physics lab, read 3 hours worth of material, and write a paper.  NO BIG DEAL, right!?!?!  For some reason I did not take off my shoes. As I was quickly preparing stew for dinner, before I sorted the laundry, or did my homework, I realized I was missing the carrots I had purchased.  Of course, I had thrown my receipt away already, so I dug it out of the potato peeled garbage.  I realized I was also missing the turkey for our lunches.  The carrots & turkey….when you boil it down, these were the only two things I actually needed for the entire week and somehow they did not end up at my house, even though I paid for them.  It was at this moment, I wished that Aubrey could drive already.

I called Kroger without my voice and told them about my missing items.  They had fallen out of my cart in the parking lot and someone had turned them in.  Awesome, right?!?! How did I not notice this happening?  I must have been too busy counting my steps. With all the extra time I had to spare this day, I put my coat on and drove back to Kroger all the while thinking how thankful I was I had not put my sweatpants on like I had desired right before making dinner.  However, my feet were angry I had not opted to change my shoes.

When I got there, the lady at the customer service desk had my carrots and told me to head to the deli for replacement turkey.  I am a freak about food freshness.  I get my milk at the last second in the store so it will not sit without refrigeration for any longer than necessary.  BUT, when she told me I had to go to the deli for new turkey, I wanted to collapse.  My feet had had it.  I was willing to accept the turkey I had dropped in the parking lot.  If it was still cold, I didn’t think we would die or anything!  It was my feet talking, not the reason of my normally sound mind.  Realizing she was being nice in allowing me to get new turkey even though the loss of my original turkey was my fault, I decided not to complain.  I walked to the deli; no longer counting my steps.  What was the point, I mean I had exceeded them a long, long time ago.

At the deli I repeated the story at least 4 more times without a voice.  I was feeling great!  The boy behind the counter told me it would be a few minutes before he could slice it and I told him that was fine.  I mean really, all I could do was laugh at this point.  Finally, he was ready to prepare my turkey. He asked me what kind it was again.  I told him, already having a premonition of what was about to happen. I knew what the perfect ending to this day would be. He searched diligently before coming back to the counter and saying, “I’m so sorry, but we are out of all brands of oven roasted turkey.  Is there another kind I could get for you?”  I laughed and told him, it was okay and I would just come back tomorrow and try again.  I mean really, how could I have expected any other outcome than this.  I went back to the service desk and gathered my carrots.

When I got home, I removed my shoes immediately.  I finished cooking dinner, then sorted the laundry.  By this time, it was 8 PM.  I went to my office, turned on the computer and decided to attempt my Physics lab in the 30 minutes I had before dinner was complete.  Needless to say, I could not figure it out.  Brian and Brenden got home around 9PM to discover me crying in my office.  I decided to worry about it later and instead eat dinner with my family.

I often wonder why I decided to take on all of this. I know one day I will not remember all this chaos and I will only remember the good that has come from these few short years.  I will be smarter, I will have grown in wisdom and most importantly, I will have even more cute shoes 🙂


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