New Priorities

It is safe to say that I have completely overdone it this semester.  However, my only glimmer of saving grace is the fact that I decided to drop a class at the very last minute, which put me at 13 credit hours- rather than 16.  Perhaps this choice is the only reason I am still alive at this very moment. Much of the problem stems from the fact that I am taking Physics 101 online. All I can say about this is: I should have listened to the gasps erupting involuntarily from my supporters when I revealed my upcoming schedule to them.  I assured everyone that taking this class would be okay.  I am a smart girl and of all the sciences, this seemed like the best choice for me….PLUS it was online – I didn’t have to go to class! I can almost hear a chorus of  “I told you so’s” singing upon my shoulder right at this very moment. But, by God’s grace, somehow every week I eventually master the material and I feel like a million dollars.  Too bad I will never receive a million dollars for all the headaches I endure in the process.  Because of this weekly breakdown, I have decided to change my priorities.  I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I have opted to master only what is necessary for my homework and tests.  I never thought I would become this person, but only two semesters in and I have changed my philosophy for education.  I will now do what I need to do to get by…..and get ready…..I don’t even care if I lose my 4.0.

I have lost so much time with my family and my gym membership over the course of these last few months.  I have also missed a lot of church and I am really behind on preschool stuff.  It ends now.  I know I am smart, and I know what I have to offer.  It is sad to me that I need a piece of paper to prove it to other’s, but I’ll play the game and somehow in the end I will be better for it…that or I will become a giant pessimist.

And FYI…I opted to not study for my Anthropology test.  Of course, I read over my notes, but I decided that I was not going to memorize useless information for the sake of getting a good grade over material I will never use in my real life.  I got a 99% on this test. 🙂  I suppose my new philosophy is alright!


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