An assignment which provided great stress

Below is a link to a project I made for my Tech & media class. This was a source of great stress. I originally made a PowerPoint. I recorded my voice input on a voice recorder and then found that the format of the file could not be put into Powerpoint. I researched and found an app for my iPad to record and share with PowerPoint. I finally completed everything only to realize that the PowerPoint file was too large to post on my classroom website and then of course PowerPoint is an invalid format for YouTube. I found file conversion programs which allowed me to convert the file so it could be uploaded to YouTube, but I was not happy with the results of the conversion. I ended up converting my slides to a format that Windows Movie Maker recognizes and then created my slideshow using Movie Maker. I saved my slide show as a WMV file, but it STILL would not upload to YouTube. After 2 full days of dealing with this nonsense, I decided to sleep. When I woke up, I decided to try to convert the WMV to an mp4. This worked beautifully. That said, one of my slides has an imperfection, but I left it and chose to ignore it. Frankly, I’ve learned all I ever care to know about file conversion.


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