My new office

After starting another semester of college this week, I realized my desperate need for a desk, so I mentioned this to Brian on Monday evening. Slowly, I have overtaken what was once a “living room”, then “reading room”, then my “homework room”.  Now it is MY OFFICE.  I have a master plan for my office, which includes bookcases, and storage galore.  For now, I made do with some stuff we already had, but eventually I will wear Brian down until he allows me to complete my idea, or I’ll slowly add to my, now, office and he’ll  never know what hit him.  Either way, when I get something in my head, watch out, because there is no stopping me.

I left work Wednesday afternoon, went to Ikea and in a matter of a few hours I vanquished what was left to conquer in the “living/reading/homework room.”  Not only did I select, purchase, haul/slide/carry, and build a desk, but I also removed a coffee table along with a rather large sectional sofa (which I attempted to put in the basement by myself!).  I did all of this before Brian came home from work.  When he saw what I had done, he laughed and carried the couch to the basement. 🙂
Now I am ready for 2nd semester!


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