Adjusting Accordingly

Ugh!  I suppose I just need to face the hard reality that things will NEVER go as expected.  I was so excited to have 1 whole Saturday completely free of scheduled obligations so I could “catch up” on my school work. (nevermind that my house is in shambles!- one thing at a time I tell myself!)  Last night when I went to bed I was so excited at the prospect of sleeping until I woke up – no alarm, no where to be! I shared my delightful sleep plan with Brian and then asked him if there was anything he had to do the next day.  He said, “no”, so I began to outline the events of “MY” Saturday.

I was going to wake up whenever I wanted, head to the gym, then come home and do homework ALL day long. Yes, I realize this sounds exciting, but I have been looking forward to having 1 complete day to devote ENTIRELY to my studies since I went back to school last Spring.  It has not occurred once yet, and unfortunately it will not happen today either. It is with great sadness I report that today all of my hopes and dreams of fulfilling this desire have been flushed down the toilet along with the puke projecting from my dear sweet Kiley’s mouth.

Yep, that’s what happened….we have a puker.  Fortunately, this did not occur until 8:30 AM – so I did get to sleep in a little; however, I was awoken by tears and less than stellar sounds transmitting from our bathroom.  I’d rather have awoken to my alarm.  Since my morning began, I have been cleaning up puke, doing continuous laundry, and throwing death glares at my husband. Not only, have I not been to the gym, but I have not completed an ounce of school work. Oh, and my husband who had “nothing” to do spent the morning (in complete silence I might add) in his office completing baseball obligations, which of course prohibited him from fulfilling vomit clean-up duty, and now he has disappeared from our home to fulfill basketball commitments!!!! Something is clearly wrong with this picture!

Such is the life of a mother…I suppose I am left choiceless and will continue my life of adjusting accordingly.


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