Brian, I need a bigger ring!

Today, as I was walking out of History class, a poor kid asked, “so are you finished for the day?”  He had NO idea what he had just asked. In his defense, he had NO idea what kind of life I led.  Rather than demoralize him by giving my whole life’s story, I paused and took a deep breath, while also deliberately brushing my hair away from my face with my LEFT hand.  After the set-up, I finally responded by saying, “I’m finished here, but NOW is when my REAL life begins.”  He laughed nervously while trying to determine what this meant.  I told him to have a great day and then he watched me walk briskly to my awaiting minivan decorated with sports stickers and filled with a booster seat, soccer balls, and football gear….maybe he got it then….or if I’m really lucky maybe he thought I borrowed my mom’s car! 😉


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