"To be or not to be…"

This statement is repeated so often, I rarely stop to consider the actual meaning.  However, when taking the time to analyze this thought in terms of control, it becomes quite profound.  There are many things in life which control us.  For example, I have to attend 4 years of college to obtain a degree in order to become a teacher.  Someone, somewhere along the way made this requirement and if I would like to be a teacher, I must oblige.  This fact actually makes me quite angry, especially when I consider the quality of some of the teachers I was subjected to while in school.  I certainly understand it makes sense that those who educate must be educated; however, I often wish there were credits for “real life experience” or a test I could take to “test-out” of some of the nonsense.  Also, I get the whole “liberal arts” education and perhaps I would have benefitted from it more extensively at a younger age, but realistically based upon my life experience I have already learned many of these lessons outlined in some of these classes I am forced to take, and pay for by the way. 
Or, am I actually forced to take them?  In a sense I am, because I have aspirations to become a teacher and in order to achieve this goal, I must abide by the rules put in place.  I will never use much of the information I am learning in the math class I am obligated to take nor will I EVER in my life use Physics or Science, yet I have to take the classes to receive the credit in order to graduate.  I try to find some worthwhile information in these types of classes and if the information alone is not useable I am certainly gaining a life lesson in compliance.  
 I have chosen “to be” and on my way “to be” I have opted to take a path which requires me to be under the control of a program which will help me meet my goal of one day becoming a licensed teacher.  Yes, I think much of the path is full of nonsense and I could make better use of my time, but I oblige because I do not want to look back one day and regret choosing “not to be” for a mere matter of pride plus 4 years of my life.  It is a means to an end.

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