Disaster Noted

So, our basement flooded during the torrential rains of Sunday evening & Monday morning.  Sometime during the event our sump pump stopped performing it’s function and as a result caused our entire basement to be saturated with water.  Nice!  Even better, we discovered this at 9 PM.  Consequently, we had to forfeit nearly 1500 square feet of carpet & HEAVY (with water-even after wet-vac) padding. I was also sadly, forced to clean out the storage area we have been neglecting for over 2 years.  All of this when I was actually ready to go to bed for the evening just before the discovery of this disaster.  Obviously bedtime did not occur until much, much later. Once embraced, it was abruptly ended at 6AM.  I then had to work, attend 2 classes, pick my kids up from school, prepare dinner, take Brenden to football, and then head back to school for another class ending at 9:55 PM.  Did I mention I also need to study for a History test which also includes a 5  page essay?

Sadly, the sump pump is unaware of the difficulty it imparted upon my life.   I have often heard good things do not end unless they end badly.  I would definitely agree with this statement.


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