Umm? How am I supposed to do homework?!

This morning I slept until 9AM.  I have a full mountain range of dirty clothing painting the landscape of my laundry room and ever so beautifully creeping it’s way into the kitchen.  I also have an unfathomable amount of reading, writing, & studying to complete.  Not to mention my house has not been cleaned in -well, I don’t even remember how long. Investigators would conclude the kitchen floor perhaps gave birth to another dog by simply making a quick analysis of all the piled up dog hair.  Apparently none of the 4 other capable people in my household saw fit to use a vacuum or, even a Swiffer for that matter (c’mon how hard is it to use the Swiffer?).  Sleeping until 9 AM with all these things on my agenda may seem absurd, but believe me I had to do it.  If I did not, then I would not be able to converse with the general population without severe consequence befalling anyone who looked at me in even a pleasant manner.

I brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, which was painful – meaning the need for more sleep was not out of the question, however, realistically not likely to occur.  I went downstairs to discover none of my children were awake, yet the dogs were all out of their cages.  Brian was gone. He had to work this Saturday, but was off yesterday, which is another story in and of itself.  Either Brian felt sorry for the dogs and let them stay out or he, in a state of exhaustion himself, just plain forgot to confine them.  Regardless of the situation, what was left for me was problematic to the hundredth degree.  Baylie had gotten in a plant and as I vacuumed up her mess, the fan on the back of the dustbuster stirred the materials up even more.  Welcome Saturday morning!

I made my coffee and my breakfast.  By this time it was 9:45.  Brenden had just woken up to so this was an added bonus to the drama of my morning.  Except thankfully there really wasn’t as much drama as I anticipated.  The only issue at hand was the fact he could not locate his football pants, which he needed for his game that day.  The mountain range of laundry began to implode as he searched desperately for them.  They ended up being in his room, of course and as a result the once beautiful mountainous laundry became a larger more spread out array of hills and valleys spreading further into the already chaotic kitchen.  Oh well, what could I do?

At 10:15 I had to take a shower in order to leave by 11:00 to take Brenden to his basketball evaluation.  I had accomplished nothing on my ever growing “to-do” list.  We went to the basketball evaluation and followed this event by a quick trip to Target to buy/exchange moccasins.  I ran to the UPS store to print a project I had been  trying to complete since the week before.  We went to the bank, then I drove through Chick-fil-a followed by a trip to Jimmy John’s.  On our way home, I swung by The Henry’s house to pick-up Aubrey who had spent the night at their house.  When all was said and done, we arrived home at 1:15.  Brian picked Brenden up at 1:45 and we had to leave the house at 2:40.  I quickly ate lunch, threw a load of laundry in and began reading.  I finished one Chapter of the 10 I must read, but at least I crossed something off my list.

All of my hopes and dreams of knocking countless tasks from my list on Saturday morning ended.  In fact, this instance caused me to consider that perhaps I will never have a moment in my life where I am 100% caught up and everything is in it’s proper place in my perfectly clean and organized house.  At one point in my life I had this.  I was June Cleaver and my house was clean and I had an apple pie in the oven-or let’s not get crazy it was more like a cake from the box.  I cared about paint colors and I cared if my daughter had on the perfectly coordinated outfit with the matching bow in her hair.  Our nails were all painted, dinner was made & cleaned up nightly.  This was my perfect world….or was it?

I keep telling myself this is just that stage of life we are in.  It doesn’t help that I added to the chaos by deciding to go back to school full time.  Some days I wonder if I should just quit everything and only take care of  my family.  It does sound enticing, but then I remember how much I love my job and then I recall all the reasons I decided to go back to school in the first place.  This is simply a means to an end – I have to do it.  I have endure the chaos.  I will learn a lot about myself through this process and for starters,  I will learn to accept things may not all be in their proper places.  Clothing may be wrinkled and my kitchen floor may truly never be mopped ever again. In a few years, in the glow of my accomplishment all of these crazy and chaotic days will be a distant memory.  For now though, I just need to find a little uninterrupted time to myself to complete a single task in it’s entirety….at least this is the plan that keeps me going. 🙂

(Oh, and the planner from Time Management is still in tact – it just gets adjusted from time to time based upon my children’s activities, Brian’s ever-changing work schedule, & of course – my sleep patterns!)


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