Time Management

I am learning.  Slowly, but surely,  I am adjusting and I am pulling myself out of “catch-up mode” to “conquer mode”.   I have never been one to plan ahead and write down EVERY mundane task I much complete.  However, doing just this is going to be the one and only salvation to my sanity.  I tend to get overwhelmed and I want to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!

I recently switched to exclusively using Google Calendar. This eliminated the calendar/weekly agenda I always carried in my purse. The calendar on my phone syncs with my Google Calendar and all is right in the world.  Plus the Google Calendar daily rectangle is EXPANDABLE, meaning I can cram 12 + things in a day (which IS NOT out of the ordinary), but the calendar in my purse was not quite so flexible.  However, by making this switch, I did not know how to manage my daily tasks.  Sure, I knew where to be at what time, but when was I going to do my math homework, read chapter 5, or clean my bathrooms.  Hence the need for a separate school calendar.  Once I admitted this to myself, a sense of order began to be restored to my life once again.  I don’t carry it around.  It stays in my office, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I am learning….I can do it all, I just can’t do it all RIGHT NOW 🙂


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