Pride, Passion, & Purpose

In my Human Development & Learning class, we were asked to write a 1 page paper about something that brings us pride, makes us feel passion, and gives us purpose.  The professor left the door WIDE open – creatively speaking.

Here is my “paper”:
The working surface I chose for my project is concrete.  This represents the foundation of my life.  Matthew 7:24 states, “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:”

Next, I chose to display a cross upon my foundation along with the verse Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Without the sacrifice Jesus made upon the cross, my life would be pointless.  It is only through relying upon His strength and trusting in His sacrifice that I am able to have a life filled with all of the other things you see below.

I used nails (the object & symbol of Crucifixion) to secure the items which fill my life and make me who I am.  I used 3 different sizes of nails, which represent the priority each item takes in my life.

The largest nails were used to tag: FAMILY, FAITH, WRITING, FRIENDS, & LAUGHTER.
The medium size nails were used to tag: LEARNING & EDUCATING.
The smallest nails were used to tag: SPORTS, BASEBALL, SOCCER, FOOTBALL, STARBUCKS, MUSIC, & THE BEACH.

I also placed 3 medium sized blank nails as well as 4 small sized blank nails in the concrete to represent I still have room in my life for other things.  However, I DID NOT place any large blank nails in the rock because I chose to state that I am completely satisfied with the major priorities in my life.

Doing this has made me think about many things regarding my life and what I allow to take priority.  The first issue which comes to mind is: if I had created this a few years ago many of my tags would not have existed.  Believe it or not, I only began a Starbucks addiction approximately 4 years ago.  I also would have never expected soccer or baseball to ever be in the realm of my interests, but I now find myself loving these sports, watching them continuously, and looking forward to the next games. Likewise, Learning & Educating were only recently added to my radar- once ALL my children were in school ALL day long.  Before this point, my life was consumed by simply trying to keep my head above water. (Which I still am, but in a different way!)

Secondly, what also causes pause for reflection is the FAMILY nail in the stone; I would have never expected to feel the emptiness which consumes the spot my father held.  He is still important.  He is still a priority; however, part of my FAMILY tag is missing and cannot be replaced.

My point in all of this is, time has changed me and molded me into the person I am today. My interests have adjusted, my passions have been transformed.  Regardless of the revisions though, there is one thing that will forever remain the same: my foundation…and because of this, I will forever have purpose.


2 thoughts on “Pride, Passion, & Purpose

  1. Love it!!!! What did your professor think?
    I think of you and your relationship with your dad when I'm in a funk (like this past weekend when it was my Dad's birthday). You know how I feel to be a “Daddy's Girl” with out a Daddy. While my ultimate anticipation in death is definitely to spend eternity with Christ, my worldly mind that has no true understanding of eternity can't wait to run and jump into the arms or my dad. I guess that's a great image of what it will be like to see my heavenly father and I am thankful for a Godly earthly father who displayed that for me.


  2. Thanks, Jamie! My professor loved it 🙂
    I too, think about you when I allow myself to have a sad moment. This was such a tragic time and it is comforting to know someone else understands the sorrow of such a loss.
    I can't wait to see him again someday 🙂


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